Tips for deliveries

When you're delivering orders, there are a number of things you can do to increase your earnings. We want you to succeed, and we're always here to help. Osprey has put together these Driver Tips to help you be the best driver you can be, and to assist you in maximizing your earnings.

At the Pick Up

Arrive on-time

You should arrive at or close to the pick up time. If you arrive too early, the order may not be prepared yet. Certain Retailers also may not bring the order out until it is time to pick it up. You should try to never arrive late.

Lend a hand

Some Retailers offer curbside pickup options. While this can be convenient, you can get the order loaded and on its way quicker if you help the store employee load orders with lots of items, like some grocery orders.

Verify the order

You can see the customer's first name and last initial in the delivery screen. Use this information to ensure that the Retailer gives you the correct order. For smaller orders, it's always a good idea to go through and confirm that all the items ordered are there.

Fill up on extras

For restaurant deliveries, some Retailers may have free utensils, napkins, sauces, or other items that you can grab for the customer.

During Delivery

Product safety

When delivering orders, you want the items to get to the customer safely without damage. When stacking items, place the heavy ones on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. It's a good idea to use an insulated tote when delivering food to keep hot items hot and cold items cold. Regardless of the item, make sure you place it in a safe, secure location in the vehicle where it won't be damaged during transit.

Separating hot and cold items will help to avoid spoilage.

Give updates

Have you ever ordered something online and on the day of the delivery you couldn't stop wondering where it was? This feeling is common among customers placing online orders, but you can put their minds at rest by introducing yourself as their Driver and letting them in on status updates about their order.

At the Drop Off

Manners and communication

Communicating with the customer and having good manners are extra steps that could lead to higher tips. If an order is running late, you can let the customer know by introducing yourself and explaining the issue. It doesn't have to be difficult, just say something like "Hello, I'm your Osprey Driver."

Use the delivery instructions

Some customers may have special requests for how they'd like their order delivered. For example, a customer may want their order delivered on their back doorstep, or with no-contact. You can see these delivery instructions, and following them may increase your tips.


If the customer hasn't given any instructions, or if they've told you to leave the order near the front door, make sure it's in a good location. Since some doors open outwards, you should never place orders directly in front of the door. If you do, the customer may knock over some or all of their order when opening the door to get it. This could lead to low customer satisfaction, and as a result, lower tips. Instead, place the order to the side of the door, or in a different location if requested by the customer.


Respect the law

Regardless of how late a delivery may be, always respect the law. Don't speed, and be sure to follow all road signs. When you break the law, you're putting the lives of yourself and others at risk.

Contact support when you need it

We're always here to help. If you need help when completing deliveries or for general support, send us an email at or for a faster response, send us DM on Twitter @OspreyHelp.